About Us

YAKI Herbal Laboratory

Barangay Paco, Kidapawan City, North Cotabato



Brief History (2008-2013)

YAKI Herbal Laboratory, the first and biggest Mindanao-based company that is into manufacturing of pharmaceutical products, is an epitome of a Mindanaoan’s entrepreneurial skill and courage to join and grab a modest share of a market dominated by multi-national corporations.

Based in the city of Kidapawan in Cotabato Province in Southern Philippines, the firm has, since 2008, been granted permit by the Bureau of Food and Drugs and Cosmetics (BFADC), now Food and Drug Administration, to manufacture herbal-based pharmaceutical products like the Yaki Oil Liniment, Yaki Beauty Care Soap, Yaki Baby Soap, Hermosa Kojic Whitening Soap, Kiddie Yaki Syrup and Yaki Capsule.

It first manually produced the Yaki Liniment Oil as a backyard project using very crude indigenous production materials with a meagre investment of only P50,000.00 , which the lady-owner earned from being a broadcast journalist and insurance underwriter at the same time.

Owned by a Mandaya (one of the 13 major ethno-linguistic groups of Mindanao), who hails from the Caraga, Davao Oriental and earned her high school diploma and college degree as a working student, the company, which started to peddle its products in few parts of the cities of Davao, Zamboanga and Cotabato, is now a firm that is in transition from a single proprietorship to a corporation.

In a span of five years, Yaki Herbal Laboratory has captured a “comfortable” market share in key cities and provinces of Mindanao and Visayas. By 2014, it shall expand its market in Luzon and shall explore and study the Asian market.

YAKI, an acronym for “Yaman Ang Kalusugan Ingatan,” which means health is wealth that has to be nurtured, managed to earn P500,000.00 that was treated as another fresh capital that the industrious lady-owner infused in her business. In due time, the newly-infused capital, meteorically surged to around P5-million, the amount needed to start building her own laboratory at a small parcel of lot at Paco, Kidapawan City in 2007.

Sheer faith in God Almighty, coupled with hard work and perseverance, is the biggest factor that Ms. Lulu Pua, proprietor of YAKI Herbal Laboratory, attributes for the modern facilities and state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment that the Company presently has.

In the past two years, Yaki Herbal Laboratory has begotten sister companies which would soon consummate the Yaki Group of Companies. Among the subsidiaries of Yaki Herbal Company are the; 1) Elai Resort Hotel and Restaurant, 2) Elai Recreation Complex, 3) Yaki chain of Canteens and Mini Groceries, 4) Yaki Purified Water, and, 5) the Yaki Bakeshop. It also has Radio Station dxRL Joy FM, the first of a network of radio stations that the Yaki Broadcasting Corporation would establish in major cities of Mindanao and Visayas.


YAKI HERBAL LABORATORY envisions to become:A leading local producer of herbal-based pharmaceutical products needed in building healthy communities.


To achieve its Vision, the YAKI Herbal Laboratory takes on this mission:

Operate a state-of-the-art laboratory that produces high quality herbal-based pharmaceutical products that are affordable and accessible to common people.


• To conduct sustained scientific researches and concoction of herbs known to have therapeutic elements.

• To engage in the production of said concoctions employing state-of-the-art facilities and equipment and with utmost compliance of the standards set by duly constituted authorities.

• To ensure that the pharmaceutical products are readily available and accessible at the market to be able to help establish healthy communities.